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Capacity Building on Environmental Protection and Biodiversity in Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve, Cat Ba Archipelago, Bach Long Vy in 2017

I. Activities that have been implemented
1. To elaborate, submit for promulgation, and promulgate according to its competence, documents and guidance on environmental management and protection and biodiversity in localities.
– Co-ordinate in formulating and implementing the Decision of the City People’s Committee on approval of Cat Ba National Forest Lease Project; regulations on management of ecotourism activities in Cat Ba National Park, regulations on management activities of Cat Ba National Park, regulations on environmental management and tourism activities on the bays of Cat Ba archipelago; detailed planning of Cat Ba MPA.
– Advising to consolidate the organization and management regulations of the world reserve Cat Ba Archipelago to the People’s Committee of the city.
2. Capacity-building, dissemination, propagation and education activities in the field of management, protection of the environment and biodiversity in the area
2.1 Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve:
– Production of propaganda materials on biotic zones such as folding introduction to geology, rare medicinal and botanical species in Cat Ba, ecological bags, books introducing biosphere reserve, logos and tables. badge of biosphere reserve and so on
– Organize the drawing contest for Cat Ba Second Reserve in 2017;
– Print the certificate of Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve;
– Coordinate with the radio agencies to build news, articles, reports and documentary films on Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve;
– Update information on the website of Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve (
– Organizing the implementation of the direction of the People’s Committee of the city on enhancing the conservation, protection of the environment and biodiversity, arranging cages for aquaculture, developing eco-tourism, precious species. rare in Cat Ba;
– Contributing comments on the project on leasing forest environment and forest renting option at Cat Ba National Park; Regulation on management of ecotourism activities in Cat Ba National Park, implementing the Law on Tourism, etc.
– Contributing comments on the detailed planning of Cat Ba MPA;
– Contributing comments on the proposal of planning overnight anchorage points on the bay of the cruise ship in the Cat Ba Bay; upgrading the road through the transition area of ​​the biosphere reserve in Xuan Dam – Anh Sang; dredging project, building the port of Pearl Fish.
– Consultation on international studies at Cat Ba: Research Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR), Institute of Tropical Biology, Vietnam Natural Museum, Institute of Science and Technology forestry science and technology; Vietnam – Russia Tropical Center under the Ministry of Defense; extending the research and conservation activities of Cat Ba Catba of FFI Vietnam; activities of the Cat Ba langur conservation project;
– Advise the City People’s Committee to complete the registration procedures for participating in ENCYNET’s online forum in Jeju, South Korea; joining the World Marine Biosphere Reserve (WNICBR); comment on the most beautiful Lan Ha nominated planet;
– Continue to develop and complete the project to supplement the functions, tasks of organizational structure and consolidate membership of Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve Board to submit to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for consideration. , decision.
– Study and propose the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to review, amend and supplement the Regulation on Management of Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve;
– Develop a program to implement the Lima Plan of Action at Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve in 2017-2025 with a focus on the development of the Biosphere Reserve, Sustainable Development, Social Enterprise and Collaboration. with the Global Biosphere Reserve.
2.2 Cat Ba National Park:
– Direct communication while on duty: 1,338 turns; On the loudspeakers of communes 33 times, Lan Lan down 22 times; mangrove forest 11 times.
– Forest patrols: 1,322 turns. Coastal patrol and inspection on the bay: 716 turns; Surveys: 317 sessions; Restoration: 65 sessions; Capture information: 177 sessions; Control at ferry terminals, dock: 354 sessions;
– Vehicle inspection: 23 boats; Expulsion of people out of the station management area: 161 turns;
– 01 point shot at the area of ​​Ang Tom (Treasure), trap, trap: 558 traps
– In 2017, the park handled three cases of violation of the law on forest protection and development, sanctioning administrative violations of 10 million dong, and submitting to the State Treasury of Cat Hai district.
– The Forest Protection Unit has directed the implementation of patrolling and monitoring in the suburban population. In 2017, there were 08 individuals of douc langur were born, however, there are also individuals of douc langur. According to observation data, the current number of 57 species is often seen in Cat Ba.
– Statistics of aquaculture farms in the bay in Cat Ba National Park managed by the Forest Protection Station is 163 establishments.
– In 2017, the Forest Protection Unit coordinates the rescue and release of 03 wild animals in the wild.
– Coordinate with the Center for Environmental Education and Environmental Services

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